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Warehousing & Logistics

Ibnsina Pharma’s extensive experience as a pharmaceutical distributor allows us to manage the responsibility of warehousing and logistics for our suppliers to help them achieve their productivity goals. Our suppliers can confidently focus their time and energy on their core business, trusting us to handle storage and distribution.

Order Taking and Delivery

At Ibnsina Pharma, we rely on our team’s market expertise and rigorous ongoing research to identify and meet customer needs. All of our branches are open 15 hours a day and operate two shifts to provide customers with increased access to our team and ensure rapid response to all inquiries.  

Distribution & Product Availability

Ibnsina Pharma’s core service is the distribution of pharmaceutical and cosmetics products from hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers to pharmacies and hospitals nationwide. We deftly manage logistics, inventory and delivery operations to ensure customer satisfaction — and manufacturer peace of mind.

Temperature-controlled Supply Chain

From supplier to warehouse to final destination, we guarantee the safe storage and delivery of temperature-sensitive products. Ibnsina Pharma’s employees receive extensive training in how to monitor temperature and take meaningful action to prevent product damage. Our team diligently manages all of the tasks required to prepare, store, transport and monitor these products, ensuring that they are kept in optimal conditions.

A Dedicated Sales Team

Our dedicated sales team works with suppliers to understand their needs, target clients with specific promotions and launch new products. Target audiences for products and promotions can be selected based on geography and other characteristics identified by the supplier and our sales team. We carefully monitor the success of telesales initiatives according to suppliers’ metrics or our own internal key performance indicators.

Importation and Packaging

In recent years, Ibnsina Pharma expanded its portfolio and become an official importer of various pharmaceutical products and medical devices. We collaborate with multinational organizations and major pharmaceutical companies worldwide to import safe, high-quality patented products.

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