Ibnsina Pharma supplies pharmaceuticals and cosmetics products to more than 30,000 customers more....

Ibnsina pharma is the fastest growing company in the Egyptian health care supply chain business. more...

Warehousing & Logistics

In Manufacturing, there is always an uncertainty about the efficiency and capacity of available facilities and the sufficiency of head count and storage space. Our Warehousing and Logistics service will left those worries and clear these uncertainties, allowing you to focus on supplying market demand without risking overproducing or risk shortage of products.

Order Taking & Delivery

Our deep understanding for our customer needs, based on market expertise and continuous research guide us to smart solutions that fulfills delivery demands. By operating our branches through two daily shifts between 9 and 5 and again between 7 pm and 2 am; we provide a highly frequent delivery service and a rapid response to customer's orders.  

Distribution & Product Availability

We distribute pharmaceutical and cosmetics products for more than 360 manufacturers and importers and daily delivering to more than 26000 pharmacies and hospitals is Ibnsina pharma’s core service. Through daily management of logistics, inventory, and delivery operations; our customers’ peace of mind is at the core of our attention.

Importation & Packaging

Since 2004, Ibnsina Pharma has been expanding its importation portfolio and has become an official importer for various pharmaceutical products and medical devices and appliances which have achieved great impact on the Egyptian market.

Temperature Controlled Chain

The Temperature controlled Chain process involves the transportation and stocking of temperature sensitive products, during the entire cycle from warehouse to another and to the customer. This will be done while maintaining optimum conditions of the required temperature at all times.

Dedicated sales team

The dedicated sales team is one that is fully dedicated - like 100% - to selling a certain product or group of products. The team gives attention to the product during its launch; through certain periods, or when research shows high sales potential.

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