Marketing Solutions

At Ibnsina Pharma, we go above and beyond to improve our suppliers’ bottom line by helping them manage their brands and promote their products. Our marketing and sales teams work closely with their peers in our supplier companies to set marketing objectives and develop strategies for brand promotion. We use a variety of dynamic advertising tools to design and execute innovative marketing campaigns.

We deliver promotional materials such as bulletins, brochures and leaflets directly to more than 35,000 pharmacies, hospitals and wholesalers to help suppliers keep customers up-to-date about new products and special offers,

We offer suppliers the opportunity to promote their business in messages added to the more than 500,000 invoices we issue every month. Because customers save invoices for their own financial records, a single advertisement in this space guarantees suppliers continuous exposure to clients.

Ibnsina Pharma also offers suppliers the opportunity to spread brand awareness with eye-catching advertisements placed on the sides of our fleet of delivery vehicles. Our fleet travels an average of 45,000 kilometers each day, and suppliers have the option of customizing advertisements for local or national routes.

To help suppliers raise instant awareness about new products and promotions, we assist them in designing and sending fully customizable SMS text-message advertisements to our entire database, targeted customer segments, or specific individuals.

Ibnsina Pharma’s suppliers have the opportunity to record 15- to 30-second messages to be shared with customers on hold with our hotline service, which receives an average of 1,000 incoming calls from pharmacists every day.