Marketing Solutions

By assisting our suppliers in managing their brand and promoting their products; we demonstrate how far we are willing to go to achieve success and generate revenues for both our suppliers and us. The success stories achieved already speak of the rise in sales of both companies in the Egyptian market; with more success stories still yet to come. Working hand in hand, our marketing and sales teams cooperate with their peers at suppliers’ companies to create common understanding of objectives, plans and expectations. Through a variety of proposed advertising tools; our co-created campaigns are destined to success. These advertising tools are:

All promotional materials such as bulletins, brochures, and information leaflets are delivered hand to hand directly to the targeted segment or generally to more than 30,000 pharmacies, hospitals & wholesalers in Ibnsina pharma’s database. This service helps suppliers maintain contact with their clients keeping them informed about new products and commercial offers while suppliers gain an increase in value of orders on the promoted products.

There isn’t a more cost effective tool for advertising in the pharmaceutical sector than the promotional block of text added to those 500,000 bills we issue every month! Bills being kept as a reference with every pharmacist for his own orders and operations; means this tool puts the message right in the hands of our suppliers’ target customers and acts as a continuous reminder of their products.

A great tool to raise brand awareness and create widespread attention between pharmacists and the whole community is postings ads on our delivery fleet vans. Travelling with an ad 45,000 kilometers per day; there is no chance this ad would go unnoticed! Suppliers can choose delivery fleet ads to be customized geographically or alternatively touring the city or even going nationwide according to their target; then notice what drastic increase in sales occurs for the product being featured!

One of the fastest promotional and communicative tools is those instantaneous sms messages delivered to pharmacists’ mobile phones to highlight new products or promote existing ones. Suppliers can choose to send to our full pharmacists database, segmented groups, or individuals and can also choose to personalize the sms with the brand name or even the receiver’s name; as well as choosing the preferred sms sending time.

With our hotline receiving an average of 1000 incoming calls from pharmacist’s everyday; imagine the impact of what’s being said in those 15-30 seconds of waiting time through the calls! What happens is that customers automatically