Based on our long experience as a pharmaceutical distributor; we offer being part of our suppliers’ team taking the responsibility of warehousing and logistics; strategically, tactically and operations-wise with the focus of enabling suppliers to achieve their productivity and revenue goals. This means that suppliers can simply direct their investments towards their core business and let us do the rest.

With Ibnsina Pharma covering a supplier’s back in warehousing and logistics; there shall be no restrictions to production capacity nor would the supplier be forced to overproduce to avoid market shortage and consume available storage space. Suppliers wouldn’t need either to build new storage space and hire workforce with the uncertainty of the future’s volume requirements. Instead, Ibnsina Pharma’s authorized, insured, and secured warehouses are at our suppliers’ service; who only pay for what is actually stored.

Equipped with firefighting and pest control systems, restricted quarantine area, temperature and humidity control, cold chain management, and 24-hour security with camera surveillance; our warehouses comply with GSP (Good Storage Practice); while our delivery fleet is insured on the move with temperature control and refrigeration in compliance with GDP (Good Distribution Practice) set by WHO (World Health Organization).

Our warehousing and logistics services also come along with a bunch of value added services that cater to suppliers’ different needs; where we offer flexible customizable solutions including bundling, repackaging and overprinting as well as providing dedicated trained labor and telesales.


Our warehouses are air-conditioned with calibrated data loggers in all aisles; guaranteeing the uniformity of temperature and relative humidity. Quality of products required to be stored below ambient temperature is maintained all through shelf life; through a careful cold chain management process that includes adjusting, monitoring, frequently checking, and data recording.

Our effective pest control program is based on utilizing latest methods and tools to prevent all sorts of flying and crawling pests; hereby maintaining the safety and quality of the pharmaceutical products, as well as that of the personnel and overall storage environment.

Using a sound housekeeping management system, all of our storage areas are regularly and frequently maintained. As advised in the GSP and GDP, adequate cleaning and waste prevention procedures are held with the utilization of fumigation agents that do not risk the quality of products.

Starting from setting conditions of employment up to precautions that prevent unauthorized persons from entering storage areas; our access control system is further equipped by 24-hour security personnel and camera surveillance with records that show entering and exiting processes.

Firefighting procedures and avoidance of combustibles are considered through the design of our warehouses. In compliance with the NFPA code, an integrated firefighting system covers all of the storage areas and fire distinguishers are effectively located and frequently checked.

Health and safety aspects are considered from initial systems and processes engineering up to day-to-day operations. In compliance with instructions of OSHA; safety of personnel and property is guaranteed by providing intensive ongoing training on machinery usage, emergency procedures, and avoidance of accidents.

Adhering to national legislations, Ibnsina Pharma is licensed and validated from the Ministry of Health to store and distribute pharmaceutical products. Our warehouses are also frequently inspected by national authorities and multinational entities which confirm our commitment to strict quality measures.

Insurance applies to all of Ibnsina Pharma warehouses, as well as to all pharmaceutical products – whether stored or transported – customized for our customers’ needs.

At Ibnsina Pharma, we choose machinery, equipment and electricity backup systems that grant high performance of storing, docking and extracting processes while being safe for personnel and products.

Records of inventory movements and changes are continuously updated according to our standard operating procedures. These SOPs are guidance for all inventory processes and comply with national regulations, while being subject to continuous enhancement .

Internally, we use a systematic and disciplined approach with quality parameters for self inspection; monitoring the implementation of the principles of GSP . Externally, we receive periodical auditing visits from the Ministry of Health; validating our compliance with rules and regulations.

Regular stocktaking is performed at defined intervals; comparing actual and recorded stocks. If any stock differences get discovered, we take the necessary corrective and preventive actions, CAPA .Customers are granted direct access to products records on our system where every transaction is recorded and easily tracked; without compensating security of accounts .

When a consignment is received, uniformity of containers is examined, while batch numbers and expiry dates are recorded and clearly labelled on containers, along with required storage conditions. Using such smart labelling techniques, while counting on a strong IT system and appropriately rotating stocks; data on product availability is easily accessible and expiry is prevented. If recollecting was necessary; the process would be easily handled where products are kept in quarantine until returned to owner, or submitted to destruction entities


Our vehicles are temperature controlled to cater for your different logistics needs. All vehicles are equipped with temperature-tracking systems for transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products. Through effective cleaning and orderly storage of the products during transportation, we prevent breakage of containers, dirt or spillage. Moreover, we track our fleet while on the move using GPS to ensure the security of our vehicles and the transported products.

Value Added Services

We are authorized to perform re-packaging of pharmaceutical products; utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to transform products purchased in bulk into various SKUs. Any information required to be overprinted or added through re-labelling is possible and the process is held in accordance with GMP principles.