Warehousing & Logistics

Ibnsina Pharma’s extensive experience as a pharmaceutical distributor allows us to manage the responsibility of warehousing and logistics for our suppliers to help them achieve their productivity goals. Our suppliers can confidently focus their time and energy on their core business, trusting us to handle storage and distribution.

With access to our state-of-the-art warehouses, our suppliers never have to worry about overproducing and exceeding their storage capacity. What is more, suppliers only pay for the products they actually store rather than the warehouse itself.

All of our temperature- and humidity-controlled warehouses are equipped with fire safety and pest control systems as well as 24-hour security surveillance. In addition to meeting our temperature-controlled supply chain standards, our warehouses and delivery fleet also comply with good storage practices (GSP) and good distribution practices (GDP) established by the World Health Organization.

Always seeking to provide the best quality of service, Ibnsina Pharma also offers suppliers’ value-added services and solutions tailored to meet individual needs regarding bundling, repackaging, overprinting, supply of trained labor and telesales.

Storage Operations

All the company's stores are air-conditioned and equipped with heat registers to ensure uniformity of temperature and humidity levels throughout the store. The company performs cooling chain management processes, which monitor and modify temperature and humidity in order to ensure the maintenance of heat sensitive products throughout the validity period.

The company is committed to apply the highest standards and using the latest technologies in order to ensure the eradication of pests and thus maintain the quality of products and safety of workers in stores.

The company employs latest service management and cleaning systems to ensure warehouse maintenance in accordance with GSP and Good Distribution Practices (GDP). A range of evaporation cleaning materials and devices are also used that do not affect the safety and quality of products and ensure proper disposal of waste.

All the stores are equipped with 24-hour and 24/7 surveillance systems, as well as the latest security and protection systems to ensure that unauthorized employees do not enter the company's stores. The company is keen to protect its properties and products, applying strict recruitment standards and monitoring the behavior of all employees.

All the warehouses are designed to reduce the possibility of any fire and according to the rules and standards of the National Society for Fire Protection, where they are all equipped with advanced fire extinguishing systems and equipment, as well as equipped with fire extinguishers and placed in vital and sensitive places to ensure preparedness to extinguish any fire immediately after the outbreak, That the fire extinguishing systems are checked periodically to ensure that they work as required.

Ibn Sina Pharma pays special attention to the implementation of occupational health and safety standards in all the daily activities and activities of the company, and is committed to ensuring the safety of all its employees and establishments. Furthermore, all workers are trained to use equipment, equipment, emergency procedures and accident prevention, in accordance with standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The company obtained the necessary licenses for the storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products by the Egyptian Ministry of Health. All stores are inspected by national authorities and multinationals to ensure compliance with stringent quality standards.

The company has insured all warehouses, and all pharmaceutical products are insured during storage or transport stages to ensure full coverage in the event of any accidents. Insurance programs are tailored to suit the needs of customers.

The company is committed to the use of advanced machines and high quality devices as well as the latest generators and backup devices for use in case of power outages, in order to ensure the efficiency of storage and installation operations as well as the safety of employees and products.

Data on inventory movements are recorded and updated in accordance with the Company's standard operating procedures, which are determined by local laws and reviewed and improved periodically by the Company's management.

The company adopts a systematic approach that has been developed based on the best accepted standards in the field of self-examination, in order to carry out internal audits on good storage practices (GSP) and good distribution practices (GDP) in all warehouses. The Company is also subject to external audits on a regular basis by the Ministry of Health to ensure that the company complies with laws and regulations.

The Company is committed to monitoring its inventory of products and is keen to take corrective and preventive measures to address any errors in inventory records. Suppliers have access to data recorded on systems used to track and record various transactions.

Warehouse personnel check all shipments as they arrive, and then record payment numbers, expiry dates, and storage information to ensure that this information is explained with labels for each container. The Company also employs its advanced information systems to determine the payments to be distributed in order to ensure that the products do not expire. And the state of recall and return of certain products, the Company shall seize and isolate these products until they are sent back to the supplier or transferred to waste treatment facilities for safe and sanitary disposal.

Logistics activities

All commercial transport trucks of the company are air-conditioned and are cleaned up to ensure the safety of the products. The products are then packaged and stored during transport operations to avoid refraction or spills. All trucks were equipped with GPS tracking devices to track shipments and ensure the safety of the truck fleet during transport operations.

Value Added Services

The company has all the licenses that enable it to refill and pack the products. It has the latest technology to redistribute the huge shipments after being divided into sales units and GMP.