Product Distribution and Availability

Distribution of pharmaceutical and cosmetics products of hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers and delivering them to pharmacies and hospitals is Ibnsina Pharma’s core service. Through daily management of logistics, inventory, and delivery operations; our customers’ peace of mind is at the core of our attention. We resolve their worries about product shortage or alternatively bearing the cost of stocking and storage. By covering our future needs and utilizing research-based forecasting techniques; unless a product is facing general market shortage, Ibnsina Pharma guarantees its availability.

We reach out to our customers everywhere through a 700 rounds a day delivery fleet that is GPS-equipped to enable security of products and tracking shipments. This is added to Ibnsina Pharma’s alternative distribution vehicles; such as motorcycles and tricycles; each of which performing an average of 4-6 rounds a day; enabling access and speedy delivery to all areas from our branches that are generally located within proximity to our customers nationwide.

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