Our network of suppliers includes more than 360 public, private and multinational pharmaceutical production companies in Egypt. To this network; we offer an effective distribution model that generates value and increases ROS for both our company and those of the suppliers’. By granting nationwide distribution to retail pharmacies, wholesalers and hospitals, we guarantee the availability of our suppliers’ product nationwide. Our core distribution service is backed up by state of the art transportation services, along with a group of other value added services; such as:

Cold Temperature Controlled Chain

The cold Temperature controlled Chain process involves the transportation and stocking of temperature sensitive products, during the entire cycle from warehouse to another and to the customer. This will be done while maintaining optimum conditions of the required temperature at all times. It is a sensitive process that requires a series of tasks to prepare, store, transport and monitor temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products.

During the process, key factors must be considered; travel distance and duration, well equipped vehicles, and experienced handlers, to ensure quality storing and delivering conditions to the customer.

At Ibnsina Pharma, we apply the use of temperature monitoring and measuring devices that play a vital role in identifying temperature-related events, and empower our staff to take meaningful actions to eliminate the likelihood of product damage.

This is the step of our logistical process that creates trust and accountability, leading to elimination of anomalies that compromise shipments