Order Taking and Delivery

At Ibnsina Pharma, we rely on our team’s market expertise and rigorous ongoing research to identify and meet customer needs. All of our branches are open 15 hours a day and operate two shifts to provide customers with increased access to our team and ensure rapid response to all inquiries.

In addition to the frequent pharmacy visits made by our outdoor sales team, Ibnsina Pharma has pioneered the use of a telesales order-taking model in our industry. Our 600 professional and highly trained telesales representatives make over 42,000 outgoing calls every day to take orders, provide consultations and share important information. Their foremost goals are to provide excellent service and increase customers’ profits.

Customers also have the option to place orders by calling our hotline or contacting branch representatives and managers directly. By coordinating monthly and daily orders simultaneously, Ibnsina Pharma guarantees that all customers receive their orders swiftly over an average of 3-4 delivery visits per day.

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